In the winter of 1879-1880, eleven men, juniors from the class of 1881, walked down Mercer Street and entered the east front room of Ivy Hall. Sitting together around a long wooden table, they were served by Henry Campbell, Ivy’s first steward.

By joining fifteen seniors from the class of 1880 who took their meals in the west front room of the simple brick building, the first permanent Princeton eating club was born. Since 1879, Ivy has occupied three sites – the 100th anniversary of the current clubhouse at 43 Prospect Avenue was celebrated in 1998.

The Ivy Club today is represented by a current membership of 135 Princeton juniors and seniors. The club became coeducational with the Section of 1991. Ivy continues to draw a vibrant mix of students to its venerable Dining Room for three meals each day. The graduate membership exceeds 2000 Princetonians who frequent the club on their visits to campus. The traditions of the bold forebears of 1879 are the inspiration for the Ivy Club today. New traditions have been welcomed and embraced.

Through each academic year’s progression of study, meals, sporting events, educational programs and spontaneous moments, the Ivy Club flowers are a source of tradition and unique energy in the Princeton garden.