Club and Foundation

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The Ivy Club is a non-profit 501 (c)(7) association which owns the premises of 43 Prospect Avenue and provides meals and other services to its membership.

The Ivy 1879 Foundation is a charitable foundation which provides funding for educational programs and facilities used for educational purposes.

Undergraduate Membership Fees

Ivy Club Library

As a private club, Ivy receives no support from the University. Board charges are comparable to those in University dining facilities, and dues reflect, inter alia, the costs of property taxes, maintenance, and insurance. The Club's Social Fund is administered by undergraduate officers. Fees for the 2016-2017 academic year are shown below:

Board$6,600New Sophomore Members Fees
Dues$2,200Initiation Fee$750
Social Fee$750House Fee$250
Total$9,550Social Fee$300

Pay Undergraduate Membership Fees

Graduate Member Dues and Contributions

Ivy alumni support the Club through their graduate dues and voluntary contributions. Following graduation, annual dues for the first five years are $75, and $100 thereafter. Graduate members are always welcome at Ivy.

Graduate Member Dues and Contributions

Ivy 1879 Foundation Donations


Tax-deductible gifts to the Ivy 1879 Foundation support educational activities at Ivy. Each year the Foundation provides a number of educational programs and offers financial aid to those members who need assistance to maintain their membership in Ivy. Contributions to the foundation are gratefully accepted.

Ivy 1879 Foundation Donations